Saturday, January 30, 2010

Also In the Box...

Along with a baby-want inducing sweater, these items were also in the box...

The classic hat and booty set. This time in bubble gum pink and cream.

I made an extra set sized a bit larger. That hat will fit for a gotta have shoes to match.

Yep. This little dumplin' gets this hat. I knew then that if this baby was a girl it would go to her.

And last but not least...

The most obnoxious baby blanket ever made.

Oh. Not obnoxious enough for you?


How about now?

Oh yeah, baby! It's reversible.

It's a basic fleece no-sew blanket. It works because it has pom-pom edging. Baby must learn who to cheer for early in life.

Love you little dumplin'! I'm working on one more surprise...

And I promise it will not have burnt orange longhorns or devices that make horses move faster emblazoned across it.

Thank you for indulging Auntie Dani.