Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crochet For A Good Cause

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in donating some handcrafted wares for an auction to benefit The Rise School here in Houston.

Of course. Good cause + crochet = count me in.

I wanted to get the items done in a timely manner so I went with the
baby hat/bootie set that I have been making for all my new-parent pals.

The first set is for a baby girl. I like it because it isn't over-the-top girly. The green yarn is off-set by a white with little green and pink flecks throughout.

The second set is for a boy. Made from camo colored yarn and the same green as above. I included a pom-pom on top of this one.

I used a 100% cotton yarn that is very soft. These hats are real stretchy and should be wearable for a couple of seasons depending on the baby's head circumference.

Since I have been making these little hats so frequently, I bought a pom-pom maker. A good investment in my opinion. I had been using a homemade version constructed from cardboard that got the job done, but the fancy store bought version renders a much better result.

This last set is for a good friend who recently had her first baby...a little boy. He is a big bambino, so I made this set a little larger. It should carry him through a couple of Houston winters.

These little sets are so quick and easy to finish. They would be perfect to donate to a local hospital or other charitable organization.

I know that there are kind souls out there in Blog Land that have collected items for good causes spanning the globe.

Hmmm...something to look into.