Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Crochet

It seems like all my friends are making babies. Some have just recently arrived. Others are about to join the party in a few weeks. Is there something in the water?

If so, I am about to become parched.

I made a
couple of quilts for one of the new bambinos and decided that I needed to include some crochet as well.

A hat with ear flaps. Simple, modern, with a hint of vintage.

I used organic, 100% cotton
yarn. This yarn is incredible! It is so soft. And it is amazingly easy to work with. It doesn't split or knot or induce swearing. It's a dream. Worth every penny.

Baby can't go about town with such a happening hat and leave its tootsies out in the cold. A simple pair of booties were needed.

A finished set. This should keep the little chap warm during the coming winter months.

The next set is for a little girl. I chose not to use typical girl colors. I wanted something a little more contemporary to fit with her parents' taste. I used the same organic yarn as above, but in chocolate brown and putty.

I dolled up the hat with a pom-pom...

...and dressed up the booties with some bows.

This little chica lives in Boston. She can go out into the blistering cold with crochet style.

The hat design comes from this book. It is a very easy, very quick pattern. This book as a whole is really good. I have been crocheting since I was eight years old, but still learned some new things.

The booties are from a pattern I found on-line years ago. Don't ask me where. It's my go-to pattern for booties.

I just had to use the word "booties" one more time.

I was on a roll and worked up this little goodie. It's made with fingerling yarn. I just adore the colors. I didn't use a pattern. It's just a basic cap with a scalloped edge.

I used this same yarn to make The Girl a similar summer hat & bootie set when she was a newborn. I had a bit left over and thought I would put it to good use. I'm not sure who will take this home.

This isn't the end of the baby goods.

Like I said: There is something in the water.