Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My heart is full...

Sometimes life is just like you want it to be.

The planets align. The Fates allow.

This past weekend we went to the lake.

And it was perfect.

Beyond perfect, really.

Our fun for the day.

Lake water mixed with boat gas is intoxicating, in the best possible way.

I am now a huge fan of the windblown look.

Blissful me.

She's not quite legal.

Neither is he.

1-2-3 jump...

My little ducks, all in a row.

Real ducks.


Not so much.

My love.


This is where I'm supposed to be.

Lakeside dinner.

Bat watching.

Lakeside beer.

Popping corn.

Lakeside night.

Kickin' it.

And that was just day one...

All too soon it was time to make the journey home.

I sat and took one last look around...

And my heart was full.

So full that it almost hurt.

This is home.