Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jump In...

A typical day, lakeside:

Get up.

Brush teeth.

Put on swimsuit.

Jump in the lake.


Many, many times.




If needed, a rest can be taken on the boat launch.

It's the place to be when the waves from passing water skiers come ashore.

If you follow this recipe... just might have grown a set of gills by day's end.

Eventually, it's time to dry off.

As the sun sets, a fire is started.

Marshmallows should be on hand.


It's the best meal of the day.

The grown-ups get to enjoy a different kind of after-dinner treat.

Day turns to night.

Crickets chirp.

A soothing breeze from the lake cools the air.



The Offspring and I were lucky enough to spend a few days on the lake with my Pops.
We have decided to make it an annual tradition.

The Mr. missed out on all this fun.
We are going to remedy that.
Soon. Very soon.

Plans are already being made to return to the lake.

We can hardly wait.