Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is it...

This is it.

This is the extent of our grandiose garden dreams.


The Girl was assigned a plant research project earlier this spring. Her heart was set on our beloved Texas state flower.

A pot was decorated.

Information gathered.

Soil scooped.

A hole made.

Seeds dropped in...

...and covered.

Over 70% of all bluebonnets grown in pots fail to bloom.

Ours were part of that 70%.

Terrible odds were against us. The fact that The Boy took it upon himself to create a bluebonnet dirt volcano didn't help, either.

Maybe we will have better luck next season.

I still have grandiose garden dreams.

But it's really a blessing that they fell through this year.

We had maybe five rain showers all summer long and a seemingly endless run of 100* days. I fear that watering our crops would have landed us in the poor house.

Our plans for raised beds full of fresh cucumbers, squash, chard, okra, peas, and zucchini will continue to take shape through the cooler months ahead.

Meanwhile, I've yet to give up on fall tomatoes and herbs.