Monday, February 15, 2010


I am not romantic. At all, really.

The Mr. secretly appreciates this fact. The pressure put upon him is considerably less. Especially on those love-fest holidays like Valentine's.

Cupid's cohorts, known as my parents, kept The Offspring for the weekend. That meant me and The Mr. had all day to run around sans children.

I even wore some red.

Our stops included such romantic locales as Starbucks, the shoe store, the bookstore, and Target.

When we returned home, I laid out my outfit for later.

I bought it special for the evening. One should feel beautiful on Valentine's Day, romantic or not.

We exchanged cards.

Allison at Field Wonderful posted a link for this card tutorial.


I've mentioned I make The Mr.'s cards, and this was something different.

I chose black paper with skulls on it. Because that's my brand of romance.

As the sun set, we got all dolled up for an evening out.

I put on my new dress. With jeans...because it's the only way I wear dresses now.

And my red Danskos. It was Valentine's after all.

We went to my favorite spot for dinner. We sat, talked, ate, talked, drank, talked...

And then we headed home to sit on the couch. He read his magazine, I perused my new cookbooks, all while music played in the background.

I even managed to talk him into taking a picture together, just the two of us, because there are only 3 in existence.

Make that four.

The next morning I got up and made some Valentine "sparkle cookies" for The Offspring's return.

They aren't very Valentines-ey either. They just want sugar.

And there you have it.

A romantic Valentine's Day, our way.

Thumbs up, Cupid.