Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Napkins

I've wanted some cloth napkins for a while.

I just didn't want to make the cloth napkins.

I don't know why I have such a slacker attitude when it comes to stitching some napkins. It's not like it's hard.

But it is boring. And of all the things I want to make, something boring, like napkins, isn't one of them.

One day while looking at flickr, I came across a picture of some pretty, newly sewn napkins. Someone made a comment under said picture stating that her family used napkins that were simply cut with pinking shears.

Pinking shears. Brilliant.

So that's what I did. I took a piece of fabric and cut large squares with a rotary cutter. Then I took my pinking shears and trimmed all the edges.

I had a pile of napkins in less than 15 minutes.

These napkins have since been washed and I'll warn you that although they have been "pinked" they will fray a bit. Some strings will need to be trimmed. But just like cut-off jeans, that will lessen with each subsequent wash.

Next time I make a batch of napkins I will cut them larger and use a thicker fabric. They are fine for me and The Offspring, but The Mr. thinks they are a little on the "dainty" side.

*eye roll*

So, unless you are eating ribs bathed in BBQ sauce, they serve their purpose just fine and don't require the threading of a needle.