Friday, September 25, 2009

Rock Star Quilts

The lead singer of The Mr.'s band recently had a very cute baby boy. Gifts were in order. But not just any baby gifts. There would be no ducks or sailboats for this kid. Oh no.

This little one needed a couple of rock star quilts.

I put my tools and skills to use and came up with these:

Here's the first one. It isn't pieced, therefore the construction was very easy. It is a simple layer of yard each. I quilted it, bound it, and wrapped it.

A close-up. You can see the flaming guitars and "rock star" font. I used a plain black flannel backing and black binding.

I love these because they are thick enough for a winter blanket or can be laid out on the floor for some quality "tummy-time". And since they are so basic, you feel like you
can throw it on the floor and use it.

The next one up:
camo skulls. I didn't put batting in this one. I wanted something that was lighter and could be thrown in the diaper bag for outings.

I used a double layer of flannel, one yard each. I finished it with a traditional silk binding.

I went outside my comfort zone and didn't do my typical wavy quilting lines. I used chalk and drew a square-shaped spiral. It was done free-hand, so it's not perfectly straight or even. But that's OK, because it's
supposed to be a little off.

Oh, the mind games I play with myself.

The rock star quilts now have a good home and a cute little baby to keep warm.