Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Dig This...

I am stealing this idea. I saw it here. I told her I was stealing it. So it's OK.

Why am I resorting to theft?

I have nothing crafty to show you. I have no new pictures. I have yet to bake since school started. And I haven't cooked dinner for the past two nights.

Life got in the way. Again.

So here are some things that I am into right now:

*My new favorite lunch: grilled chicken, campari tomatoes, kalamata olives, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. It can perk-up my crappiest day if only for a while.

*The new HEB grocery store I have been frequenting. Mind you, not all HEB's are created equal. But this one is nirvana. I actually look forward to doing the weekly shopping. It is clean. The produce is fresh. The selection is great; they have a nice mix of regular items and the more organic-y things. They play good music...Otis Redding was doing his thing last time I was there. And they have cup holders on the carts. Now I can have my large hot tea to sip while wandering the aisles.

*Sloggers. I wrote about them here. I recently got another pair. They are green and pictured here. I know they are ugly. But they are comfortable. And they fit my current mood. I promised The Mr. that I wouldn't wear them out on date nights. He appreciates this greatly.

*Creamy Creations Light Ice Cream: Churn Style Cookies & Cream. It's an HEB thing. And I am just mad about it. A little too much. I have been tempted to skip dinner just so I can have an extra large bowl.

*Yo La Tengo. Their new album was released Tuesday. I just downloaded it. I know I will adore it. Oddly enough, The Boy is quite fond of the band as well. This should make the drive to and from school a bit more interesting.

*Organization apps on the iPhone are changing my life. I. Love. Them. Grocery iQ, To Do's, and all-in Notes have virtually eliminated my need for pencil and paper. They are like porn for organization geeks such as myself.

And there you have it. My current little obsessions.

What is floating your boat right now?