Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Moments of Silence...

The Offspring spent the weekend at my parents' house.

Me and The Mr. spent three whole days in "single mode". Enjoying those things that we did before loud whiny creatures took over our life.

We window shopped. Drove through the historic district listening to Yo La Tengo and Morrissey. Went out to dinner at a restaurant that doesn't have booster seats or a child's menu. Listened to the Longhorn game on the radio. Grabbed a late night beer in the neighborhood. Watched Mad Men uninterrupted. Slept late. Awoke to silence.


We turned back into pumpkins this morning. It was time to reclaim The Boy and The Girl.

We stopped for some fuel.

A tall bold for him.
A venti Earl Grey hot tea for me.

This is pretty good too.
I love Greek yogurt and honey.

One must have good tunes while driving.

Something to occupy my time.

It wasn't a long drive.
But it's a start.

Soon after this picture was captured The Offspring reentered our life.

We haven't heard the sound of silence since.