Friday, June 12, 2009

Simple Pleasure Friday

An evening walk.
It's so peaceful during
the summer months.

A lunch of fresh tomatoes
and black eyed peas.
Just like my Mema makes.

Oh! There's a
storm trooper in the house.
His imagination makes me giggle.

Otherwise known as gardening shoes.
I love them.
They are ugly as sin, but oh so comfy.

New crochet hooks.
Not like I need more.
But they are so pretty.
One day, some crafty soul will
hit pay dirt at my estate sale.

Afternoon naps in the rocker.

Nesting bowls.
They aren't vintage...
but one day they will be.

Handmade cards.
You can't buy a Father's Day
card cooler than this.

A quiet house.
This is the simple pleasure
that I am enjoying right now.


Hoping you find some simple pleasures of your own this week.