Monday, August 10, 2009

Instant Gratification

This is what I have been busying myself with as of late. Tiny projects. Projects with instant gratification. I just love instant gratification.

That Damn Afghan is the opposite of instant gratification. That's why its parts are sitting in the sewing cave at this very moment. I hit a wall of sorts. No worries. I am determined to finish that thing in time for fall weather. And in Houston it doesn't cool down for quite a while. I dare say I have until November.

The first two projects are more coasters. I have been using my left over cotton yarn. The butt-ends. It's too much to just toss, but too little to make anything substantial. The solution? Coasters.

Set number one is earthy. I like how the two different variegated yarns made complimentary borders.

The pattern is the same as before. These work up so fast. A perfect last minute gift. Assuming you have more than just one minute.

Set number two is
mixy-matchy. I wanted them to all be different, yet go together.

The pattern is a bit different, but it goes with the

The last bits of instant gratification are a couple more dishcloths. I have a book with 100 different patterns. I want to try each one.

Expect to see more dishcloths.

And there you have it. Three quickies.

Now back to the afghan....