Friday, April 3, 2009

Malibu Dani's Dream House

One day this will be the studio. It is an empty shell right now, just waiting to be filled with fabric, buttons, trims, yarns, and other tools of the trade. There is even a swing outside to sit and crochet. At the moment it is in non-swinging mode. We have never re-hung it after Hurricane Ike. It's on the "to do" list.

Obviously there is much work to be done. But I see the potential. Just enough space for me.

At the present time I do my work in the dining room. My necessary items stay neatly organized at one end of the table and I use the ironing board and a large plastic tub as extra storage space. It isn't ideal, although it could be worse. The kids leave "Mommy's toys" alone and it can all be easily hidden when company comes.

I am lucky to have a semi-large hall closet deemed the "sewing cave" to keep my fabric, notions, patterns, craft books, and the like. My addiction to such things has caused the space to become a little cramped and the need for a proper sewing area is becoming all to real. Which brings me back to my little sewing house.

I know that many of you have a space of your own. I have seen them and make mental notes of the aspects that I would like to include in a studio of my own. But I want your feedback. What is a "must have"? What can be skipped? Where can I cut a corner? What will make the area efficient to work in? I am calling on the masses. Or at least the masses that peruse these words.