Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Slab

This is one of my most favorite places in all the world. It is a landmark in my hometown. Everybody knows where it is. It is a place where memories have been made for generations.

This is The Slab.

My dad swam here as a young boy. It looked different then. The water was a lot higher. Its current was much stronger. He brought my mom here on their second date. He impressed her by skipping rocks across the water's surface. Apparently she slipped and fell in, but I don't think it bothered her. They were married a few months later.

As a child, this was my water park. A natural Schlitterbahn, if you will. The water would carry you over rocks and pull you under. Mema would bring me and my cousins here every day in the summer to swim, catch frogs, and burn youthful energy.

I am so happy that I can continue that tradition with my kids.

The Boy has no hesitation. He jumps right in.

He lets the flow of the water carry him over the rocks.

The undertow pulls him below the surface. It's a little scary...

...but only for a second. The thrill is when you pop back up.

He is in his element.

It is like looking at my former self. We are on the same page. He gets it.

The Girl...not so much. As you can see, she has very different feelings about this place.

She is cautious. She doesn't like the slippery rocks. She doesn't like the minnows that nibble at your toes. She doesn't like the rush of the water.

She's good to sit on the water's edge and wade her feet. And that's OK too.

I can't explain why I love this little swimming hole like I do.

But I do.

It's The Slab.