Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing Says "Thank You" Like Coasters

I took a break from piecing That Damn Afghan to make this set of coasters. They are a thank you for The Mum-In-Law. She really helped out this last week by watching The Offspring.

Due to her willingness to entertain The Boy and The Girl I was able to attend the Crochetfest. She went above and beyond what was necessary by taking them to two places we just don't go: Rainforest Cafe and Build A Bear. They have requested that I leave town more often.

She also watched them during the week while I was attending an in-service for work. From what I can ascertain they ate Whataburger and could wrestle without getting in trouble. Yep. That would be a good day in their book.

They are made from cotton yarn. The same type you would use to make a dishcloth. I love working with that yarn. It feels so nice against my fingers.

The pattern is a cinch. I found it in one of those cheesy "How to Crochet" books with pictures from 1984. They were made while sitting in front of the tube watching Tour De France updates. A couple of hours later and I had a set of six.

Now I just need to write a note and tie them together with some raffia.

A "thank you" is born.

And it's Monday. I had to take another break from That Damn Afghan to get a bench shot.

Say hello to the Kitchen Counter Bench...and melon prop.