Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Metal Works

I covet my home.

Really. I worry that since I hold it so dear, one day it will burn to ash.

I knew this house was meant for me before I even stepped foot inside.

As perfect as I find my house, there has always been one glaring eye sore.

Those big white columns.

The house was built in '53. Those columns are the opposite of mid-century cool.

Obviously, they were added at a later date, for what reason I'm not sure.

We always knew we would replace them with something more authentic. Something that would take our home back to its classic era.

Enter our metal artist friend, John Holt.

We explained what we were looking for, showed him some examples, and let him do the rest.

One night while The Offspring were away, we made a visit to his studio.

It was like entering an alternate universe.

Standing there surrounded by strange sculptures, weathered tools, pieces of metal, and white hot sparks, I came to a realization: I don't need to worry about The Boy running off to join the circus.

I need to worry about The Boy running off to live in a metal shop.

And I need to worry about The Girl running off to bat her big blue eyes at an artist.

Pray for me now.

Those white columns are gone.

They have been replaced with pieces of sculpture created by a true artist.

And now our house is mid-century bad ass.