Monday, March 15, 2010

Color Week: RED

Some of my favorite things are red...

Our front door is red.

I knew this house was meant to be our home before I even stepped foot inside.

My Mema has a plate of fresh tomatoes at every meal. I have carried on the tradition.

Their posters are framed and hang throughout the house.

Some people are into landscapes, we are into Wilco.

It wouldn't be red day without one of these.

My favorite food is red.

If you don't already know, I have a serious ketchup habit.

I also have a serious Dr. Pepper habit.

Vintage red.

The Girl would rather have a quilt made of pink and purple.

Too bad, girly.

Toys for boys.

**eye roll**


All my blooms were savaged during the Houston freeze this winter. I'm not sure if they'll bounce back.

I trespassed to capture these.

Another ninja.

Look out. This one has nunchucks.

The Mr.'s chair.

Bow down before the Saarinen.


Feel free to play along.

Color week will continue tomorrow with orange.