Saturday, July 11, 2009


When the summer began I declared it "the summer of clothes making". I bought patterns. I bought fabric. I matched patterns with fabric. I was ready to start.


I have not made one stitch of clothing all summer. In fact, my machine has been in the
sewing cave for the past month. I am not inspired. I am just not motivated to use my brain and skills in that way.

What have I been doing to keep me busy? Crochet. Specifically, Seven Years In The Making. Or as I have now renamed it: That Damn Afghan. After seven years, I think a little off-color language is appropriate.

Here are my gallon size Ziploc bags:

Each is filled with numerous little granny various colors.

There are:

140 ecru

61 light brown

62 dark green

62 dark brown

And as of press time, 33 variegated...
only 33 left.

Then, all I have to do is whip stitch it together, crochet the edging, and weave in the loose ends.


I have a Crochetfest in Austin this weekend with Lia. I am hoping to make even more progress. But adult beverages will be in the mix...

I will report back on Monday.