Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Since the week is already half over, we have eaten most of this menu. I can report that it has been a perfect summer dinner plan. It didn't heat up the whole house, I didn't spend long in the kitchen, and everyone has enjoyed the end result.

I call that success.

Monday: green vegetable stir fry with cabbage, broccoli, & green beans, brown rice, magic sauce

Tuesday: refried black beans, corn tortillas, sautéed red peppers & onions, shredded cabbage, corn, tomatoes, and guacamole

Wednesday: summer corn and vegetable soup, salad

Thursday: pizza, salad

Friday: burgers, oven fries, tomatoes, avocado

Saturday: out

It has been way too hot to use the oven. But since pizza is next on the menu, I figure I will go ahead and make that plum cobbler I have been craving.

I will also be posting a recipe for the summer corn and vegetable soup. We had it tonight and The Boy asked if I could save some for his lunch tomorrow.

*This is where I had to pick my jaw up from the floor.* I think that's testimony enough to its yum-factor.

I've had a few peeps ask about vegan or non-dairy cheese. I'll be honest and admit that most of what's on the market leaves a lot to be desired. If you are a cheese connoisseur, you won't be fooled.

However, the Follow Your Heart brand has a mozzarella and a cheddar in block form that are pretty good. They melt nicely and have a mellow flavor.

I have made grilled cheese and other sandwiches using the Galaxy brand cheese slices. Again, they melt nicely and the flavor is mild. I present you with exhibit A, shown above. The Offspring chow them down, so it must be ok. They aren't shy with the constructive criticism.

Honestly, I don't miss cheese all that much. I went without even a sprinkle of cheese for four months and then tried some vegan enchiladas with the optional cheese on top. It was overwhelming to my palate. I ended up scraping it all off after just a couple bites. I've found I like the taste of food better without the cheese.

Go figure.

Now, for some input.

Is there an interest in some meat-free recipes?

I always try to keep meat-eaters in mind when making something. I think to myself: Would my Pops like this (if I didn't tell him it was vegan, of course)? Anything I post would be fairly simple to put together, family friendly, and pleasing to those not living off "rabbit food". I know many of you are doing a Meatless Monday or cutting down in meat consumption. This might make that quest a bit easier.

The key when serving such meals: don't use the word vegan. It's an immediate turn-off to most. I rarely use that word anymore unless I want to ensure that The Boy will find it "ewwww".

Also, on a non-food note, I have been challenged to do a vlog. I am not a fan of myself on video. But I have a hard time backing away from such challenges. There's just one problem: I have no idea what to vlog about. I've been racking my brain for a couple weeks and I got nothin'.

Give me a topic.

Something that can be filmed in front of my computer.

No, I won't sing.

No, I won't get naked. (Sorry, pervs.)