Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Times...

I would replay this week, if that were possible.

It was good times.

The Offspring were shipped off to the country for a few days.


I wore diagonal stripes to see a hot drummer play with his band. Flirting ensued. I took him home.

We sat outside on the porch and stayed up until the wee hours listening to music from years past.

Good conversation. The kind without the lulls.

The next morning that drummer told me to pack a bag. We were going to leave the city limits for the night.

A swim suit, mascara, a pair of clean underwear, and an extra shirt.

Let's hit the road.

And that we did.

Checked into a room.
Walked around.
Shopped through the windows.
Ate good food.
Had drinks at the bar.

All of it done away.

The summer solstice hit a couple days later.

Usually the solstice goes more or less unnoticed around here. This momma don't have it together enough to exchange solstice gifts, make special pajamas, sing songs around the fire, or whatever the solstice in-crowd is doing these days.

I am solstice-challenged.

But not this year.

This year, The Mr. and I celebrated the longest day by sitting in the white trash pool drinking cold beers under a beautiful Texas sky. The stars were out. A cool breeze was blowing. Eddie was playing his ukulele.

A summer memory made.

That picture is blurry. Blurry pictures mean you're having fun.

It's a shame The Offspring missed it.


The silence had to be broken at some point. The air conditioner soon followed.

The Offspring returned just in time to sit in a hot box, otherwise known as my house.

See that temp up there? 80*. That was taken at 11:30pm. You can imagine what the temp was after the sun came up.

Not cutting it.

It was 100* outside. And I had a cake to bake.

There were a couple of birthdays to celebrate!

The birthday girls pampered themselves with an at-home spa day.

Toe polishing.
Nail polishing.
Lip gloss.

The works.

It's not a birthday unless there's cake.

Hello Kitty cake.

And of course, presents.

One of us received a Barbie who has a dog. A dog that pees.


I got a working air conditioner.

And a Zach Galifianakis bobble head.

Oh, and cards with sweet words inside.

My loves know me well.

Good times.

What more could a girl ask for?