Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is why we are eating more bread...

I've mentioned that our family doesn't eat a whole lot of bread.

One loaf, on average, lasts about two weeks.

But this jarred goodness has cut that time down to a week and a half, minimum.

Before you get the wrong impression...

I did not grow these blackberries.

Or pick them. Unless picking them from the fruit aisle at HEB counts.

I don't even think they are organic.


They were on sale. Five pints for five dollars.

After languishing in the fridge for almost a week, I decided to save them from the trash bin and make them into freezer jam.

We washed them.

And mashed them.

Take turns.

It makes for tastier jam if everyone gets to do some berry pulverizing.

After you have mashed, then smash.

Who knew that adding sugar and pectin to decimated fruit would cause such a battle for front row seating?

I'm pretty sure his feet were clean.

A captive and perched audience watched as the jars were filled and lids closed.

One in the fridge, the rest to the freezer.



And in serious need of a hair brushing.

Now for that container of strawberries...