Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Rock & Roll Life

A few months ago, we had a dad rock picnic with The Mr.'s bandmates and their families. The guys had asked me to snap a few pictures to be used with the release of their upcoming LP.

So, I did.

Bright Men of Learning.

2010 edition.

I love this picture because it is so...them. I can see each of their personalities shining through.

It was also fairly candid. They were all standing together, that's true, but I was just snapping away as they joked about the absurdity of a formal group photograph.

Notice that The Boy's bike even made it into the shot. Totally unplanned.

There weren't any "say cheese" moments. Which is good, in my opinion.

Those pics are finally getting some use.

After much anticipation, the new LP is finally available. You can stream it, share it, buy it, or download it.

Right now!

And here's the kicker: You can name your own price, even free.

Yes. Free.

I know I'm a groupie, but really, this album is ace.

Others agree.

As well they should.

You will too.

This weekend is their big release party.

Nana and Poppa are keeping The Offspring. Bless you, Mom & Dad.

I am now assured both peace & quiet, as well as rock & roll.

If you happen to be in Houston, you should come out and keep me company.

We can share a Lone Star and squeal.