Monday, November 1, 2010

What's For Dinner?

You know all those dinners that keep getting bumped from the menu because of curve balls? Well, this is their week to shine.

Monday: skillet lasagna with spinach, roasted brussels sprouts

Tuesday: potato and sausage soup

Wednesday: chicken and wild rice soup

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: hamburgers, oven fries, tomato salad

Saturday: spicy Thai (thank you, Mr.)

I'm off the hook as far as dessert goes. There is a whole basket of candy treats on top of the fridge. If all vegetable matter has been eaten at dinner, The Offspring may choose one piece of sugary goodness.

Halloween candy lasts a loooooong time in this house.

I am a brilliant teacher. I took today off. The thought of spending the day with twenty-two kindergartners who were on a sugar crash and sleep deprived...

I care more about my physical well being than to put myself through that agony.

I spent today catching up on what I normally do over the weekend. I dusted (including the blinds), mopped the hardwoods, did a couple loads of laundry (minus the folding), went to HEB for groceries and put them away, and I also bought a couple of new skillets. They are my highlight moment.

Skillets. I live the rock and roll life, people.

I'm making the potato soup in the crockpot. We will be voting after school, so I don't want the pressure of a lot of meal prep.

I say "we" because The Offspring have gone with me to vote in every election since they were born. I remember carrying him in the Baby Björn when he was about six months old into the voting booth. I let them both push the "cast ballot" button for the most recent presidential election. Needless to say, the importance of voting and current events has not been lost on my children.

I'm cutting it short tonight. I have more to share from our weekend over the next couple of days along with a Simple Supper.

Do come back.