Sunday, October 31, 2010


We crammed Halloween in this year.

Some years are like that.

We bought the pumpkins on Monday. All five of them.


Yes. Teddy got one of his own, of course.

Thursday was carving day.

The Girl decided that this year we should all have spooky pumpkins instead of happy pumpkins.

The Boy wanted his spooky pumpkin to also be a puking pumpkin.

I knew this day would come. Innocent, cute, Halloween fun is coming to an end. We are entering the days of gross and gory.

What fun.

We gutted them until the sun set.

I won't be surprised if a pumpkin sprouts from the driveway next season.

The faces would have to wait until the following day. This momma was worn out.

Next year we are going for mini-pumpkins. My arms are still sore from all that carving.


Fast forward through two days of "Is it Halloween yet?"


Our pumpkin family.

From front to back: Mommy, The Girl, Teddy, The Boy, and The Mr., all aglow.

The Boy got his puking pumpkin.


Throwback to the late 70's.

A Chuck Taylor wearing Darth and a blonde Wonder Woman humor me by posing for the annual costume picture.

This was done under the threat of "no trick-or-treating if you don't stand still for this stinking picture".

Such happy faces.

The sugar-begging commenced.

Darth divvied up the haul.

A disheveled Wonder Woman...

...and a cantankerous Darth Vadar are happily sugar-crashing.

A lovely Halloween, indeed.