Sunday, November 1, 2009

We *So* Spooky

I have stated that if I could be anywhere on Halloween night I would be at home, on my street, with my peeps, and the weather would be cool and crisp.

All my wishes came true. And then some.

We were ready to welcome little ghosts and goblins.

The candy bowl was stocked full of treats.

Our pumpkins were ablaze.

Candy baskets were wiped clean and sitting by the door.

A scary witch...

...and an intense soldier were ready to say those magic words.


Door bells were rung.

Sweet treats were chosen.

And the race was on to the next house.

We encountered some scary folks on our candy pursuit.

The promise of sugar bewitched The Girl. She braved the dark path up to the candy bowl.

The Boy was having no part of it. He waited at the curb, safe from harm's way.

When the baskets were full, The Offspring made a dash for home to check out their haul.

For two kids who rarely indulge in candied treats, it was a sight to behold.

The candy trade was in full swing.

When the hard bargaining and shrewd deals were done, it was time to indulge.

Each had their own technique.

Sugar highs were at a fever pitch.

Mom and Dad turned a blind eye for the night.

While The Offspring ravaged their candy loot, me and The Mr. ate some spicy Thai and watched UT and the Spurs both hand their opponents crushing Halloween losses. What a treat.

The Boy and The Girl eventually fell into a sugar induced coma.

Me and The Mr. enjoyed drifting into a slumber that we knew would be extended by one magical hour thanks to daylight savings time.

Halloween perfection.