Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This post reminds me of leftovers.

There's not enough of any one thing for a whole post. So I'm stringing a bit of this and a little of that together in hopes of having something worth reading.

*The Girl has taken to sleeping under her bed.

Not all night, mind you. This is where she usually retreats after getting in trouble. I'll find her when the silence raises my suspicions.

I take comfort in the fact that there are no "marnsters" under there.

*I have children that are part fruit bat.

I don't need to plant a garden...I need an orchard.

I'm not complaining. I am simply in awe of the amount of fruit these two go through in a week.

They will even complain if I tell them I'm using some of their bounty for baking purposes.

Weird fruit bats.

*Ready-to-go garlic cloves are ace.

I have always hated cooking with fresh garlic. But not now.

In fact, I'm not the most kissable soul since I started using these little wonders. I use copious amounts in just about everything.

Luckily, garlic cancels garlic. *wink*

*I can live on tacos.

I'm thinking of having taco week. Nothing but different types of tacos for a week.


*Pitchers of iced tea are disappearing from our house at an alarming rate.

It's Texas. It's summer. The temps are mad-high. Iced tea is a magical elixir that can cool you on the hottest of days.

I'm especially fond of iced green tea.

*I started a sewing project.

I'm making a tank top. In theory.

I have chosen the pattern and fabric and have cut all pieces from said fabric. Of course I started this project about 11pm and I think I cut it out with the fabric folded the wrong way. I say I think because it was one of those things where you double check and are sure you are doing it right, and then look again after it's done and think, "Oops...I don't know if I folded the fabric like that...".

So I'm not entirely sure.

I have yet to stitch it together.

*I am having grandiose thoughts of making another quilt for our bed.

A queen size quilt.

I swore I would never tackle another quilt that big. Or I'd at least wait a good ten years to do so.

It's been less than two years. I'm wanting a change.

I can tell you it will be a multitude of solid color fabrics in various hues of greens, oranges, reds, mustard yellows, blues, and browns laid out in a smaller rectangular block style.

It's still simmering in my brain, but I am planning to post through the whole process and not just a finished product. You will be seeing this brainchild come to fruition.

*I feel like a flake of a mother during the summer months.

The Offspring swim in the pool every day. Lots of times that suffices for a bath. But then I forget the last time they had a proper bath.

Don't worry. They don't stink.

It is also the time I make those "well-child" check-ups at the doctor.

I forget. Until it's too late and there are no appointments during the summer months and then it gets put off until fall. But then school starts and they need certain immunizations to enter the public school system.

I have no idea what shots my kids need and when. Frankly, there are too dang many, in my opinion. But we are a slave to public school and inoculate our children we must.

Part of the problem is that we are a healthy bunch, more or less. It took the swine flu to bring us down this past year. I don't think about choosing to go to the doctor.

We only go when we are near death.

So, beware of The Offspring. They may or may not have had a bath and might not be immunized.

*The Offspring have been spending a lot more time playing in their rooms since school let out.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of destruction and the time spent in a particular location, especially where younger children are concerned.

I've had to raise the white flag. Doors are shut until my
OCD screams.

Confession: Today I bribed them with...*gulp*...McDonald's.

Perfect rooms=artery clogging, hydrogenated goodness.

I couldn't stand it any longer and I didn't want a fuss. I had spent all my energy in an attempt to be laid back. In my defense, they were allowed the burger, but had to go with the Apple Dippers sans caramel sauce.

are limits to my bribery.

*I got to go to one of The Mr.'s shows last weekend.

We had an impromptu kid-free night. It was like Christmas in July.

Of course, the music was great. But I found myself distracted buy a very intoxicated, large breasted girl, wearing a satin, aqua blue, bubble-skirt.

Really? What year is it?

I'm not a fashion maven, but I'm pretty sure the whole bubble skirt trend has long since passed.

I'm just sayin'.

I'll get to go here for another one of their shows next week.

There is a no bubble-skirt dress code in effect.

*I've come to the conclusion that the only pair of shorts that will fit my body properly are a pair of ill-fitting jeans that have been cut-off.

Since I'm dissing people's fashion sense I thought I'd show how little I know about the topic.

But at least now I have one pair of shorts to wear in this sweltering heat.

A relief my lower half hasn't experienced in three summer seasons.

*I'm finally getting the drunken flower tattoo covered.

I've had my inspiration for years.

I'm considering this a late birthday gift to myself. Redemption from previous mistakes.

*I've started crocheting a sweater.

Because it's only 100+*.

*Sleeping arrangements.

They are at each other's throats all day, but this is what I find in the morning.

I love it. It won't last much longer.

Or it will be creepy.

That was a lot of leftovers!

Thank you for partaking.