Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Color Week: YELLOW

Get your shine on...

A big Pyrex bowl of spaghetti squash.

Dancing stars.

A good friend painted this along with a couple others for The Boy's nursery. My heart stills does a pitter-patter when I look at those two sweetheart stars.

Very old. Very cute.

The only yellow blooms we could find were some scraggly-looking dandelions.

The Boy found this old yellow leaf. Now we have some nature added to the mix.

We also have some Yo La Tengo hanging in the house.

The cow jumps over a very yellow moon.

So good on a warm day.

My mom's incense burner, circa 1970's.

I'm not one to burn incense, but I have fond memories of exotic smells wafting through our living room as a child.


Dear Lord. The drunken flower tattoo.

I usually photoshop this from existence, but it is yellow...

This is exhibit A when warning The Offspring about the dangers of drinking too much:

I was in college. We were on Beale Street, throwing caution to the wind. My boyfriend was debating if he should get a tattoo. I had alcohol-induced machismo and decided to show him up. I let my best friend pick the design. This is what she chose.

It's true that I have a great memory of an evening spent with dear friends etched in my mind, but unfortunately it's also etched on my body. Forever.

The drunken flower will be covered. Covered with something like...

The Hootenanny Owl.

This is the concert poster for a show The Mr. played a couple years ago. Everyone performed cover songs. The Mr.'s band covered classic Tom Petty.

It ruled.

Besides that, I just have an affinity for owls.

BAH! It's Yellow Ninja and his sidekick Clown Boy in fierce combat with Mr. Growl.

Hide your eyes.


Get your green on tomorrow!