Friday, October 23, 2009

This House Is Cursed

The good news: I finally got my computer back.

The bad news: This house is cursed.

With Swine Flu. H1N1. The Pandemic.

It hit The Girl Tuesday morning. My symptoms began Wednesday. The Boy was spared until today. The dog is the only living creature not walking around with a fever, cough, and overall malaise.

I thought I could save The Boy. I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house. I sanitized every doorknob, drawer pull, handle, and light switch in the house. I wiped down door frames. I dusted. I re-cleaned the bathrooms.

Lia even blogged about my crazy Swine Flu cleaning spree. Because it's crazy. There was no stopping the spread of this contagion.

How ironic that the clean freak-health nuts would fall so quickly.

So here we sit. Riding it out old school style with plenty of rest and fluids. The smell of hand sanitizer permeates the house. Clorox wipes are an arm's reach away.

We are spending our days feeling crappy. Watching movies. Eating popcorn and macaroni & cheese. Crocheting. Drawing. Sleeping. Occasionally letting our short tempers get the best of us. Taking temps. Wrapping up in a quilt. Giving comforting hugs.

And The Mr. gets to miss all the fun.

Darn that Japan.