Monday, June 14, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I apologize for the menu delay this week.

The Mr. and I have been enjoying a Staycation. We have spent lazy days sitting in The White Trash Pool, soaking up the sun, while evenings have been spent in establishments where other folks do the cooking, along with the dishes. It has been exquisite.

The Offspring have been indulged with a movie-watching, outside-playing, rubbish-eating filled vacation of their own at Nana and Poppa's house. I've seen pictures of McDonald's visits and gigantic slices of non-whole wheat crust pizza with gobs of pepperoni and cheese. Who knows what other sinful treats they have feasted upon? I have chosen to look the other way.

Little do they know, but kiddie-detox starts upon their arrival home.

And by the time most of you are reading this, we will be reunited. Let the noise level return to normal decibels.

This is what we have on the books for this next week...

Monday: Last day of Staycation; We went out for sushi and both ate ungodly amounts of raw fish. Have mercy.

Tuesday: grilled salmon and shrimp, grilled asparagus, tomato salad, whole wheat bread

Wednesday: grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, Greek salad

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: hamburgers, oven fries

Saturday: pizza margherita, spinach salad

No baking again this week. Unless there is a rainy day, and then we will attempt a strawberry pie. Here is just one amazing example of this sweet treat I found while touring Blog Land. I am truly saving it for "a rainy day". If the sun is out we will stick to melons, Popsicles, and citrus fruits.

What sweet treats are you eating now that summer is in full swing? Has your baking mojo left the building?

Until next week...may you eat well under sunny skies.