Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Had No Idea...

Last week we found a giant slug in the backyard.

The Girl named it Slimy.

The Boy thought Turd was a better moniker.

The Girl wanted nothing to do with Slimy-Turd. She took a quick look from afar and went on her way.

The Boy wanted a hands-on experience. He picked up the slug and let it creep and crawl all over his hands.

After an ample amount of slug-fun, I told The Boy to return Slimy-Turd back to nature. Then he needed to wash his hands real good. With soap. Lots of soap.

He complied.

***loud, panicked yell***

Mom! This slime isn't coming off my hands!

Did you use soap?

Yes! I used soap! Lots of soap! It won't come off!

I gave his hands a second scrubbing.

Sure enough. That slime was not coming off. The water seemed to make it expand.

***very panicked tone***

Is it going to be there forever?

No. I don't think so.

We had to break out the serious stuff: Lava.

After a few minutes of intense scrubbing with the abrasive cleaner, The Boy's hands were again slime-free.

I did a little research, and learned that this is a common occurrence when handling slugs.

I had no idea.