Thursday, June 3, 2010

The White Trash Pool

It's a term of endearment.

For you see, I simply love our White Trash Pool.

People assume that we have a proper pool. You that's built into the ground.


Ours is made of plastic and requires an air compressor to inflate.

This is our fourth version of The White Trash Pool.

Every year it gets a bit bigger, a tad fancier.

This year's model is the best yet. It has a filter!

It's kind of like a double-wide with indoor plumbing.

We spend most of our summer days out by the pool, enjoying its magic.

It offers hours of fun and sweet relief from the oppressive Houston heat.

Squeals of delight and hearty laughter abound.

Of course, the scene isn't always so happy and carefree.

Enter, The Agitator.

He's relentless with his tormenting.

Relentless, I tell ya...

...and ruthless.

Everyone has their breaking point.

The fiend claims innocence.


Cue music.

It muffles a lot of discordant noise.

Soon the sibling rivalry is set aside.

The White Trash Pool has cast its spell.

The summer fun begins again... I sit back and take it all in.


Oh, my dear White Trash Pool...

I love you so.