Friday, April 23, 2010

The Color Store

Today's post is brought to you by The Girl.

She is the author and selected all images.

This is a dog book. Mommy reads it best. But I like Daddy reading it too. It's like my homework.

It's about finding a dog. The dogs are different colors.

There is a mouse too.

I like it. If I read it all day it makes me feel like a dog.

You see the stars from the Earth.

This is my star. You just look at it.

If you don't touch things, then you earn a tattoo.

If you go to space then you can see the moon.

If you see the moon closer you can sit on it. But it might break into pieces.

This moon is in my room. I have a cow too. The cow jumps over the moon.

A cow can jump really high when it's dark.

I made this hat in school. It's a caterpillar hat so I can look like a caterpillar.

But I'm going to be a Barbie or Hannah Montana for Halloween.

Or a red ladybug, I guess. With antennas. Girls can be a mosquito too.

My caterpillar gets fat and turns into a chrysalis. Then it cracks open and is a beautiful butterfly.

Be careful with butterflies. You can touch ladybugs but not butterflies because you could hurt the wings. Unless they are dead.

This is Teddy's cousin. His name is Orangie.

Teddy loves to play with him. They play lion and tiger and marn-ster.

And dinosaurs. But I tell them not to because they will get in trouble.

Orangie's favorite food is tomatoes and squash.

I have purple Hannah Montana pajamas. They are my favorite.

They make me look like Hannah Montana. She's my favorite. Barbie and Hannah Montana.

I like it when Hannah Montana rocks out the show.

She has a cowboy who is Jake Ryan. They have a kiss.

My sticker says M-O-M. That says Mommy.

This is Flamingo Polly. I named her that. I got her at the zoo with my Poppa.

I was in an animal car. Poppa pushed me.

Teddy was in the basket. I didn't want the tiger to get him. He was scary.

I saw the flamingos. Because I like pink. Yes, pink. When I get big I'll like orange and purple.

This is the ending.

But I want to do it again.


Thanks to Kerry at Young Ones for organizing Kids Color Week.

We couldn't commit to daily posts, so I taught my children an important skill for their future: cramming.

Tomorrow's post will showcase The Boy's photographic skills.

Do stay tuned.