Saturday, April 24, 2010

Color Masterpiece

Today's post is brought to you by The Boy.

All text and images are his own.

My Spiderman piñata.

I got it when I was little.

I used to have dreams about it. I would play with Spiderman in the city. We had fun swinging on webs and climbing walls.

There is not candy in this piñata. Not yet.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is my favorite 30 minute show to watch. I like it when they have battles.

Obi Wan Kenobi has awesome moves. He can do flips.

I can do flips on my bunk bed. But my mom isn't supposed to know about that.

Meet King Snake. He lives on the top bunk. He pretends that it's a tree to hang from.

I go snake hunting with him. But I don't kill him. I only wrestle him.

He sometimes wins the battle when he chokes me around the neck. I win when I throw him off the bed.

Let me introduce you to my bed. I sleep here.

I pretend it's a boat.

Me and my sister travel across the sea to Antarctica. We find saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, polar bears, penguins, and seals. We take pictures of the animals and put them in a book called The Travel Around the World Book.

It's a big seller. You can get it at Kroger. It will cost you $10. It is a good deal.

I have a Yoda Pez dispenser.

I use it as decoration in my room.

Sometimes I put candy in it. My favorite is cherry.

I only get to have candy if I eat my vegetables at dinner or if I go somewhere else. Mom and Dad don't let me have much candy.

I have a hovercraft.

In real life they go very fast on the water. This one just has wheels. It isn't as fast as real life.

I might have a hovercraft when I grow up. But mine would be green and would say "Fun & Fast". It would have a skeleton on the front.

A picture of my plant. It is in a yellow pot. Not green.

We water it when it looks like it is dying. It looks like it's dying now.

It needs water.

My hook 'em finger.

When my mom and Poppa went to a Longhorn's game, she brought it home for me. It has been in my room for many years.

I sometimes use it to hit my sister. Because she can be annoying.

My basketball might look brown to some people, but it is really orange.

You could get hurt playing basketball and fall. There is passing, dribbling, and most important, making shots.

I like to watch basketball on television.

I've never been to a real basketball game. When I turn eight I will go to a Spurs game. It will be fun because it is loud and I like loud sounds.

This is a Pokemon guy.

I call him Chocolate Thunder. Or Ben.

I don't know why I call him that name.

He has a fat belly.

He's got special powers, like making force fields. He can use his power against bad Pokemon guys.

My sister.

She plays with me. We get loud.

It just happens.

All the time.

I took this picture of my mom.

My mom has to teach stinky little kids.

She takes care of me, my sister, and my dad.

She's the boss.


Yes. I am.

Observant boy.