Thursday, March 11, 2010


I mentioned in this week's menu that I have given up all pasta, bread, potatoes, and sugary goodness for the next two weeks in an attempt to get in better shape for swimsuit season.

It's been five days. Yesterday was the first day that I was really missing something carb-laden.

Since I can't have the real thing, I'm resorting to starch porn to get me through the next eight days.

I made this last week. Let me introduce you to Bacon, Ranch, & Chicken Mac & Cheese.

Holy. Moly.

This should be pictured in the dictionary under "comfort food".

The best part? It isn't all that sinful. I found the recipe in Cooking Light for one thing. They are masters of making a Paula Dean-like dish into something not-so-artery-clogging with a few simple tweaks. This meal was no exception. I even built upon what Cooking Light started by using whole wheat pasta and a 2% cheese.

So, if you are pining for some rich, comforting, carb-filled magic...and starch porn won't do the trick...whip up a batch of this for dinner tonight.

And post pictures for us starch voyeurs.