Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Color Week: ORANGE

We are not lacking for orange in this house. It abounds...

My rocker. Possibly the most perfect piece of furniture ever.

Inside you will find a measuring tape, stitch markers, and a small pin cushion.

The Girl got in on the act. She offered a very orange, albeit disturbing cat.

My dad always made tamale pie in this dish.

That's the last tamale pie it will see.

Again, it wouldn't be orange day without this.

In my kitchen window.


Don't we all have some of these laying around?

Salt and pepper.

Between 10 and 11.

Vintage kitsch.

For looks only.

I wear it. Often.

It can brighten even the greyest of days.

If there was a fire, I'd grab these on my way out the door.

They are prized.

The best orange around.

Did you really think I'd forget about this?

Battle of the oranges.

Ninja vs. Skeleton Bro.


Next up: yellow.

Get your shine on!