Thursday, March 18, 2010

Color Week: GREEN

Green. I love you green...

Sporting green on St. Patrick's Day was not a problem.

I bribed The Girl with braids to get her out of her signature pink.

I also told her that Larry the Leprechaun would come out from under his mushroom and pinch her if she didn't don some green.

These leprechaun footprints were proof of his existence.

We couldn't find the treasured four-leafed.

Another favorite vintage find.

Art of the non-concert poster variety. Original too.

Not in use at the moment. But soon...

A no-cash wallet with very little green.

Hand-crafted art made from paper The Mr. brought me from Japan.

Adler fish.

Camo green band aids make battle wounds heal faster.

The Cadillac of all race car tracks.

**eye roll**

My bathroom has 50's mint green tile.

The kitchen is avocado. The only room we didn't repaint.

Getting ready to go out.

I ignored The Girl again. No pink. Or purple.

Shoes: Dansko and Born.

A thank you note for our folks fighting the fight.


My tea mug.

And a green UT shirt.

Green Ninja defeats Bowl Cut on the Tower of Dr. Pepper.



Return tomorrow where we explore blue.