Monday, November 2, 2009


The Boy has been doing research.

Please note: This is not a "look how smart my kid is" post.

Not that The Boy is a ding-dong, but studious isn't an adjective that I would use to describe him. He is all boy. His interests are in things all boy. If it doesn't have wheels, a motor, guns, swords, or fire then he isn't really interested. I need to recheck the Code of Conduct, but most of those things aren't allowed at school.

One day he comes in and tells me he needs to "look up some stuff". He goes to the table and starts working.

I really wasn't paying attention. He was quiet. He wasn't pestering The Girl. No messes were being made.

Imagine my surprise when he brings me this to read:

He told me that he wanted to learn things about snakes for his science lab teacher at school.

**paint a mental picture of a mom with wide eyes and mouth agape**

This wasn't homework. He was doing this...willingly?

I collected myself and explained what "research" meant. Apparently, "research" is more fun than just "looking stuff up".

He researched alligators... tongued skinks...

...and dolphins.

The Renaissance Festival is currently underway in Texas.

The commercials spawned an immediate fascination with all things Medieval.

We are seriously lacking information on things Medieval.

Get this: He wants facts to go with his pictures.

There's hope for him yet.

***I want to express a special thank you to Ms. Pavlich. The Boy loves learning with you. I'm thinking of supplying all of his teachers with a snake to stimulate the same interest he has in your class.***