Monday, June 1, 2009


Another sign that summer has arrived: watermelon. My kids are obsessed with it. They could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, between-meal snacks, and still have it for dessert. The Boy and The Girl are two serious melon junkies.

We cut our first melon today. That smell is intoxicating. Even if you aren't a fiend, you have to appreciate the scent that is
synonymous with the season.

Cut into large wedges, it is taken outside for consumption. It keeps the mess factor to a minimum. We all know that eating watermelon neatly is no fun at all.

Techniques vary. What's wrong with just digging in, right? Savor the sweetness.

Eat it right down to the rind.

Let the juice drip.

There are few things as tasty as a homegrown Texas watermelon on a warm summer day. Here's to the first melon of the season...with many more sure to come.