Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let the Summer Begin!

Summer '09 has begun. The school year is over. The swimsuits have been purchased. The White Trash Pool has been inflated.

We christened the pool this weekend. I bought a larger one than in years past. The increased size seemed to cut down greatly on the fuss-factor. I assure you, the extra cost was worth it.

The Boy and The Girl splashed.

Squealed. Sloshed. Dunked.

They played a game called "Hurricane Ike" which led to "Water Noise". I couldn't really tell the difference. Both games involved the kicking of water at a frenzied pace. When their legs gave out, they magically transformed into Shark Boy and Lava Girl. This led to more squealing and splashing.

Thank goodness I have an iPod.

We ended the day with Popsicles.
Of course.

Have I mentioned that
I really love summer?