Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Here's what will be on the Senske Table this week...

Sunday: slow cooker char siu pork roast, brown rice, stir-fried vegetables (rescheduled from last week)

Monday: spaghetti, green beans, whole wheat bread

Tuesday: slow cooker chicken posole, brown rice, zucchini

Wednesday: grilled flank steak with avocado relish, black beans, fresh tomatoes, whole wheat tortillas

Thursday: left overs

Friday: tuna salad sandwiches, fresh fruit

Saturday: hamburgers, oven fries

I thought I would bake a batch of Vanilla Bean Shortbread. This lite version only has 100 calories per square!

I made a point of using the slow cooker this week. I cook with it and the outdoor grill almost exclusively during the hot summer months to keep the house from becoming too hot. It's May and that means summer temperatures have arrived in Houston. Hello grilled and crock-pot dinners!