Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down?

This week's menu was created around new recipes. I thought I would give my two cents about the meals thus far...

I made the chicken & mushrooms with garlic white wine sauce this last Sunday. It was really good. Quick and easy as well. I substituted chicken broth for the white wine which gave it a flavor similar to a stroganoff. This will see the Senske Table again.

The next new recipe on the list was the chicken and barley stew. It was OK. Nothing special. In fact I found it a bit on the bland side. This was one of those recipes that I think I could have improvised and had a better result.

Finally I made salmon cilantro burgers. I found this to be a fairly quick and easy meal.

I loved the mayo-sauce that accompanied the "burger". It was tangy with just the right amount of cilantro flavor.

These burgers tasted great. The salmon, mayo, and cucumber went together really well. However, they could not really hold up to their label of "burger". The patties were quite fragile. Mine fell apart while eating it. Now I must disclose that I "eyeballed" my measurements. That might have played a part in their delicate nature. I will make this again but will probably skip the burger part and just make cilantro salmon cakes with the mayo sauce.

I haven't made the Asian-inspired pork roast. I "rescheduled" its appearance for this coming week.

I will post the coming week's menu tomorrow...