Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer and the Holy Grail

I am ready. Ready for summer.

I love summer. I love how simple my life becomes. No longer am I crawling out of bed at some ungodly hour. Nagging children to get up and get ready. Fighting traffic to and from. Rushing to help with homework, get baths, cook dinner. Cleaning house all weekend. Squeezing in the craft. I could go on, but I digress.

Summer is laid back. A time to do what we want, when we want...for the most part at least. Summer is reading books out in the sun. Popsicles. Fresh watermelon. Playing in the hose. Adventure walks. Wearing a bathing suit and cut-offs every day. It is my element. I was made for summer.

Which brings me to the Holy Grail. As I mentioned, I live in a swimsuit during the summer months. We don't have a proper pool. Instead we have a water hose and inflatable pool. I lovingly refer to it as The White Trash Pool. It serves its purpose. The Boy and The Girl splash and play while I read and soak up the sun. Each summer I am on the prowl for a suit to wear. This year was no different.

I am always on this quest. A quest for a swimsuit that fits as it should and that I like the looks of. It is an agonizing test of one's spirit. However, this year my search was cut short. Imagine my surprise as I was perusing one of the racks at Target and stumbled upon a suit...that had a top and matching bottom...that were both the size needed...and a pattern that Could it be? So I tried it on. Lo and behold, I found it: The Holy Grail of swimsuits. Not only does it fit, but it fits as if it were made just for my body. So I look at the tag to see how much this rare gem will set me back....

Yes, you are reading those tags correctly. For less than $10 I will have a suit that fits and that I actually like.

Let the summer begin!