Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Evening With My Boys

On Friday, I was able to spend an evening with a sell-out crowd watching my boys play. My boys being the Spurs. To put it simply...the game was great. Perfect really.

We were five rows up from court side. Five rows up! We sat 2 rows directly behind the great David Robinson. And 3 rows directly in front of Eva Longoria-Parker. We had better seats than Eva! My Mr. did really good work scoring those tickets.

This was the ultimate game for me. The Spurs never trailed, yet the game was close enough to be exciting. Aggressive plays at the rim were made. Three pointers sank. The beer was cold. The crowd was loud.

As if the game could get any better, we just so happened to sit next to Judy. Judy has had season tickets forever. She knows the Spurs. And every one else. I mean she really knows every one. We got the dish on all the players, the players wives (including Eva), their kids, and other season ticket holders. It was amazing!

I have to give a shout out to this lady. Judy, thank you so much for making this game even more memorable. It still amazes me that we can meet someone who we may never see again, yet they become part of the fabric that is our memory. That's Judy. Such a cool lady who made this game great. Perfect...really.