Wednesday, April 8, 2009

iPod's New Home

I did my part to boost the economy and bought a new iPod this weekend. It will hold more songs than I will ever conceivably listen to. I am just not in the "music loop" like I once was. It saddens me.

I didn't want my new gadgetry to get scratched. It needed a home. So, I looked around for a case. No luck. They were lacking character and quite homely. So last night I worked this up.

It is a simple pouch. I have made a few of these for cell phones and to keep my computer chord for my laptop. So easy and quick. It consists of two fabric layers and a piece of batting or flannel for padding. I have used a snap closure in the past, but this time opted for the elastic-button route.

I put a button hole at the top so that the earphone lead can connect to the iPod while it is in the case with the front flap closed.

This took about half an hour to put together. Instant gratification...I dig that.

So now I can work on downloading some melodies to keep me entertained while driving to Austin and San Antonio this weekend. I wish all of you a very Happy Easter. Don't eat too many Peeps and chocolate bunnies!

If you have any musical suggestions I will gladly take them.