Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things Missed...

Looking back, I can see that it had been there for a while.

A feeling of unease. A mental fog.

It was easy to blame it on stress.
Work. School. Kids.
Homework. House. Animals.

Then summer came, but the feeling lingered.

I wasn't motivated to do much of anything.

It must have been latent fatigue.

So I slept. A lot.

School started.

The fog intensified.

I made myself believe that it wasn't so bad.

But one can only keep up the charade for so long.

Relaxation eluded me.

A glass of wine became glasses of wine.

I kept thinking that it would all slow down...

"Just a few more weeks and it will be better."

Those few weeks stretched on.

One foot in front of the other...just to do what I had to do.

I withdrew.

Spent a lot of time...

I can't tell you. I don't remember.

I abandoned writing. Put my camera in its case.

It was no longer enjoyable.

I was just too tired.

But slowly, I can feel the fog beginning to lift.

The days are not so laborious.

Fewer things are missed.