Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Additions

The Offspring have been wanting a cat for some time now.

As good as our sweet, stinky, blind, deaf, slightly senile, obese dog is...she isn't much for doing anything beyond sleeping, eating, and farting.

The Mr. and I discussed the situation and decided that their main Christmas gift this year would be a kitty.

One kitty.

I guess we have neon heartstrings. They were seen, tugged, and we ended up with two.

What can I say? These little meow-meows are c-u-t-e.

Meet the newest additions to our little family.

Les and Ruth.

This is Les.

He belongs to The Boy.

He was named after
Les Stroud, the one and only Survivorman. I'm sure Mr. Stroud would be humbled by the honor.

Les is a stinker.

He gets into

He thinks he's a dog.

He'll lick you silly.

He's a purr machine.

He sleeps on his back.

He's a lover boy.

He also likes to watch Spurs basketball.

This cemented his place in our family.

This is Ruth.

She belongs to The Girl.

She was named after
Ruth, from Man Woman Wild.

Ruth is prim and proper.

She sleeps. A lot.

She has endless patience with Les.

If you can't find her, she's behind the television.

She's had an eye infection and keeps one eye closed most of the time.

Hence, she looks a little like a pirate. Arrrrgh.

She is a sweet pea.

What do you know?

Ruth likes basketball, too.

I am not a cat person.

But these kitties are winning me over.