Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of *Those* Days

Today has been one of *those* days.

The Offspring have had a difficult time finding common ground.

Translation: They have fought like cats and dogs.

All. Day. Long.

About any and all things.

Such hot button topics have included:

*who got out of bed first

*who was in the nicest mood

*who got dressed the quickest

*who would open the toothpaste

*who had the shiniest teeth

*who would get to the car first

*who would fasten their seat belt first

*who was making that annoying noise

*who was looking at the other person

*who was singing

*who got a straw first

*who would hold the door open

*who would close the garage door

*who could draw better

*who had more friends

*who put on their swimsuit the quickest

*who got sunblock first

*who got to sit on the yellow floatie

*who was messing with the other person

*who was splashing the other person

*who got to choose their Popsicle first

*who would finish their Popsicle first

*who was afraid of bugs

*who would hold the remote

*who would get the last of the Goldfish

*who said shut-up

*who called the other person a dork

*who would turn-up the TV

*who would get to help unload the dishwasher

*who could stir the best

*who had more blueberries

*who got more cantaloupe

*who had to pick-up the ABC puzzle cards

*who got to sit in Mommy's lap first

*who was the calmest

*who would put napkins on the table

*who finished dinner first

*who got to take a bath first

*who had to take a bath first

*who would get to sit next to Mommy and watch her play Bejeweled Blitz on her phone

*who got to pick the movie

*who would feed the dog

*who got to be Shrek

*who got to be Donkey

*who got to be Puss

Shrek is almost over.

Harmony still eludes us.

It's almost bedtime.