Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Dig This...

Getting me through the week...

*Miles Kurosky.

Lead singer/songwriter of the band Beulah. He is releasing his first solo album on March 9th. I'm a lucky gal and have been listening to it for the past week. Because I know people in high places, yo.

When it's released...get it.

It has owned my iPod.

*The Potholder Swap 2010.

I learned about it here. She is "in the know".

There are so many beautiful creations. Much too pretty to grab a casserole out of the oven.

I've bought the yarn. I have the pattern.

I've started...I've got five to finish.

*Gorilla Munch.


Personally, I think it's better dry than with milk. Which makes it dangerous. Too easy to grab a handful. And another. Then another.

I'm sure I eat a bowl and a half while getting dressed in the morning.

*Goat's milk feta.

It really is better.

Much of the feta sold at supermarkets is actually made from cow's milk. Look for feta that specifically says "goat's milk".

I'm sure many of you have already been doing this. I'm late to the game, but glad I've caught up.

*The Girl's lunch sacks.

She takes her lunch in a lunchbox, but her mid-morning snack has to be packed separately. Enter the classic lunch sack.

The Girl likes to fancy hers up a bit.

*Wearing dresses with my jeans.

I briefly mentioned it here.

Granted, to pull it off it has to be the right kind of dress. The ones I have been wearing are tunic-like and hit just above or at my knee.

I like feeling dressed up and comfortable at the same time. It's my version of girly.

*The Harry Potter series.

Why did I avoid these books for so long? Did I think I was too cool? Was it too popular?

I'm over all that now. I'm reading one right after another...with a break here and there so they last longer.

It's magical wizardry has sucked me in.


I'm back at it. I had to. I needed a stress reliever. A way to clear my head.

It's working. I can really tell a difference in my mood.

And that's something my whole family digs.

*Running socks.

These are new to me.

I was wearing flip-flops when I bought my running shoes. These were the extra socks they let you use. I could instantly tell a difference.

They aren't cheap. I only bought two pairs.

Meh. Some days I'll just wear stinky socks.

*Blog Land friendships.

Many don't understand this one. It's understandable. I have never met most of you.

But I consider you real friends. I know if I was traveling through your town we could grab a cup of tea and hit it off without skipping a beat. I think it's because we share such personal aspects of our lives. We share what's truly meaningful, however simple it may be.

Some of you are "regulars". Some of you I'm just getting to know. And I'm sure there are some silent readers out there. I appreciate all of you for taking the time to read these words and look at these images.

Thanks peeps, for making me smile.