Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick Day

I didn't go to school on Tuesday. The technical term is "mental health day". I hate PC labels like that. I call it what it is: playing hooky. I needed a day to myself. To recharge. Refocus. Renew.

This has been a difficult year thus far. The transition from summer to school starting has been less smooth than years past. There are many reasons for this...but I won't burden you with them now.

So I took a day. I stayed home and worked on things I wanted to work on. I completed some little projects which I will share in a few days. It was wonderful. I enjoyed every second.

And that's when I jinxed myself.

For you see, the next morning as I was putting on my make-up I felt it. The wave of illness that hits you all at once, out of the blue. I tried to tell myself that it was all in my head. I was just not wanting to go to work.

No such luck. Three hours later I took myself down to the school nurse and learned that I was running a fever. I was promptly sent home. They aren't taking chances these days.

The Mr. was convinced that Swine Flu had found me. A 6-foot quarantine distance was soon put in place. There are some advantages to that...

This has been my isle of recuperation. The couch. A quilt. Some apple juice. A bit of crochet. Throw in some aspirin and the cocktail for wellness is complete.

My fever broke today. I am on the mend.

I put dinner in the
crockpot. Did a load of laundry. Posted on Facebook. Things are getting back to normal.

Our ship will not sink. The Captain is back at the helm.

And I will be back at school tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend.